Quick Canoe Kit Without Plans

The Quick Canoe is now ready for you.  This is one of the easiest boats there is to build.  Our kit consists of all the wooden parts you will need to put this together.  All you need is glue, some epoxy, a little fiberglass tape, a few screws, and paint.  We even include the wire ties to keep the bow and stern together while assembling.   The other ingredient is YOU, having a great time on the water in the canoe.  You will need very few tools for this.  A simple handsaw can be used for all cuts necessary although a jig saw is helpful.  A cordless drill would be good but you could do it with a hand screwdriver if necessary.  Duct  tape and a few spring clamps will help with assembly.  All parts are labeled so you will know exactly what they are and the labels have dimensions on them just in case a label should come off.  This is the perfect quick and easy family project.  Everybody can help and the kids can tell their friends what they did!!

Now for the technical stuff.  The basic hull comes in two pieces for the bottom and four for the sides.

The gunwales, inwales and keel come in three pieces each.  The center piece of each is scarfed on both ends and the other pieces on one end.  We will include a piece of aluminum angle that will work as a clamping jig for the scarfs.  Be sure and cover this with plastic tape to prevent the wood sticking to the aluminum.  I recommend starting the gluing process early on so that all pieces will be glued by the time you need them for construction into the boat.

The skeg pieces will fit your boat perfectly prior to applying the keel.  After it is all glued up you can cut it to any final shape you would like.  A gentle curve works well.

There are five pieces for each seat.  All except the framing pieces are cut to fit.  The seat supports are ready for the installation of the framing.  No intricate cuts are required.

Believe me.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!!!

BASIC KIT WITH MARINE GRADE MERANTI PLYWOOD $495 plus shipping  plans not included.

Marine grade okoume also available at additional cost.

Please note that this kit does not include plans.  It is posted for people that have already bought the plans.      If you need the kit with plans go here

We also have an epoxy and fiberglass kit available for the canoe.  Click here for more information . 

You can read some discussion about the canoe building on Michael Storer’s site

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