Quick Canoe Epoxy and Fiberglass Tape Kit

We now have available a kit for the Quick Canoe including all the epoxy, filler, and fiberglass tape you will need to build the Quick Canoe.

Included in the kit is  3 qt Epoxy

1 lb. Filleting Blend

50 l.f. 2″ Fiberglass Tape (note that if you have bought the Quick Canoe Electric with a four piece bottom additional tape will be included in the kit for joining the centers together)

This is enough of all items to build the complete canoe with filleting on the inside.  If you desire to tape both inside and out or cover the entire boat in epoxy then more material will be needed.  We can supply this too just let us know what you need and we will get it all for you.

Quick Canoe Epoxy kit including shipping  $149.00

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