Holder 14 Daggerboard Refinish

If they’re going to be in the sun full time I would put at least 6.  The more the better.  If you have no other use for the varnish it will probably go bad before you need it again anyway.  Be sure and let it cure good before you stick it in the water.  A … Read more

Holder 14 Daggerboard Refinish

Hi Chester, First off, I’m assuming the board has no significant damage other than the normal bumps and bruises that can be sanded out. The first thing you need to do, again I assuming the finish is pretty much gone, is sand the whole dagger down to or close to raw wood.  At least get it … Read more

Holder 14 Daggerboard Refinish

John, can you instruct me on how to refinish  my daggerboard and rudder, on my holder 14 sailboat? I would like to use Cabot spar varnish, because I can  get my hands on it very easily….You mentioned that it was something you used. thank you for any help you can offer, this old man of … Read more


Hi Travis, The typical glue  I use on most of my stuff is Titebond III.  Be sure to get the III as it is completely waterproof unlike I & II.  What I typically do on the Potter15 kick up is a little different.  I like to put epoxy on the inside of the portion of … Read more


I am making my first kick up rudder replacement for a ww potter 15 from 1980. I have 3 pieces of  marine plywood to sandwich together for the top half. My question is what glue bonding agent /technique is going to hold them together best? Travis


I have been asked a lot about the finishing of my products.  For rudders and tillers I usually use 3 or 4 coats of spar varnish.  Depending on your use of the piece and amount of time it will be either submerged in the water or exposed to the sun, you may want to put … Read more