Sherpa dinghy Kit, rows, sails, outboards and carries large loads

The Sherpa Tender Kit is available in North America. This 9ft boat can carry a huge payload and can sail, row and motor. A neat little family or exploring boat. Has excellent towing characteristics.

Sherpa dinghy kit available in North America. John Welsford designed dinghy shows that it can carry much more than two people.

Design Brief by John Welsford

“Designing the tiny tenders that service the big boats is an exacting task, the requirements don’t stop with the late night ferry operations, they include being the getaway vehicle when moored in an anchorage, a play toy for the kids, a private space for a skipper or crewmember too long confined aboard and a service platform for looking after the parent vessel.”

(Editor: Of course it can be used standalone too – a great boat for a family that will do everything. “My other boat is a Yacht”, even if you don’t have one.)

“I drew for my maths teacher years ago, the need for six people and stability enough to account for a drink or two. I rigged her with enough sail to make good progress, a nice simple rig that will only take a couple of minutes to set up and with short spars to make stowage easy. I made a cutaway in the transom for the ubiquitous little outboard motor, but added a proper pair of rowlocks so she can be rowed effectively when needed.”

A particularly nice Sherpa by Phil McCowin just out of his home workshop. All that bottom curve is so the boat won’t drag its bow or stern when heaviliy laden, so will row, sail or low speed motor effectively with large payloads.

Sherpa row sail and motor utility tender. A boat kit by JO woodworks

What is in the Sherpa Dinghy Kit?

The Sherpa Dinghy kit comes in a number of stages.

It is a huge head start for any builder, but particularly helpful when there are kids or a group involved and there needs to be a boost to get everyone iinvolved and excited.

It removes a lot of the “cut and try” work of lapstrake boat building as there is no need to hold templates or sheets of ply against the hull to work out the plank shapes. That work has been done for you already.

The most common kit we sell is for the precut frames to finished sizes. The planking, also supplied, is precut with a slight oversize to allow trimming on the boat and laminations for a beautiful curved tiller.

zig zag joins for boat kits for Welsford SEI and Sherpa

The planking is cut with vee joins to make sure alignment is correct.

We can increase or decrease what we supply at your request.

A most simple step is a full frame kit – all the cross section frames and the bow frame cut out accurately. Because this has been tested out the small deviations found in most boat plans just don’t exist. Everything is spot on from our accurate templates that were tested in our prototype build.

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