Precut kit for SEI a John Welsford Sail and Oar Boat.

The official precut kit for Sei, a double ended dinghy by John Welsford is now available in North America. JO Woodworks provides precut parts and other materials to match your requirements. The package can be from the basic precut bulkheads. Foils, sails, epoxy, glass are options.

precut kit for sei sailng dinghy designed by John Welsford, Here the prototype sails in New Zealand.

John Welsford’s Description of SEI

From J.W Himself:

I really like double ended boats, they have a grace and beauty that the blunt ended craft don’t have, but I wanted one that would meet a particular set of needs.

I row. A lot, about 3 or 4 hours a week. In a good boat its very nice easy exercise that doesn’t stress my aging knees, gets me out on the river with the dog in the sternsheets, and keeps me reasonably fit. On the other hand I wanted to be able to sail the 8 miles or so out to where my friend lives on an island near here. And get back even if the weather is less than clement, so she not only needed to row but also sail fast and dry.

precut kit for sei sailng dinghy designed by John Welsford, JW steering in a stiff breeze with reefs in the Really Simple Sails lug sail.
JW is sailing the prototype SEI with a reefed sail by Really Simple Sails. These sails are really good value.

Stability was also needed, scrambling in and out from a high sea wall can lead to a swim if one is not careful or the boat is a bit tippy, and my wife is not as agile as she was but loves to come out on the water with me so a steady boat was critical.

More Information on SEI

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Contents of Precut Kit for Sei Sailing Dinghy

The advantage of the SEI sail and oar boat kit is it gives the builder a big head start. We built a prototype to make sure all the parts are the right final size with no chance of drafting or laying out errors.

SEI sailing dinghy double ended sailboat fitting seat tops to kit

The kit includes all the plywood except the bottom and includes all shaped timber.  Straight pieces of timber like gunnels, etc. aren’t included as they can be bought locally.

Welsford Sei kit prototype assembled but without external timberwork

There is a template for the bottom. The bottom is the most expensive part to ship but it can be cut from local ply or contact us for shipping price including the bottom. For pickups we supply the bottom for pretty much the plywood price.

Some parts need trimming from a slightly oversize cut to match your setup. The side panels align with zigzag joins. Then, they plane to exact fit on the boat. Seats will need a little trimming to fit perfectly. 

I include mahogany and ash strips and a pattern for laying up a laminated tiller. 

The spar plugs are furnished as slightly oversize square pieces so that you can shape them to fit the tubes you buy for spars. 

We can supply sails and rigging at reasonable cost.

We can cut and ship spars – contact us for shipping rates.

Contact me to discuss your requirements for the Precut Kit for SEI sailing dinghy

We can prepare your SEI kit to match your needs and budget.

Some things are needed to get started. Maybe you just need a frame kit. Or maybe you want the frames and planking. We aim to fit your needs. Epoxy, Glass, filler powders.

Shaped centreboard and rudder blades are competitively priced.

Please contact me for pricing and alternatives. Email allows me to send you the current specification and prices.

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