Kit for the EUREKA CANOE, a Modern Classic

On the lake a canoe built from a Eureka Canoe kit. We provide kits to the lower 48 states of the USA and further afield.

We provide precut Plywood Kits for the Eureka Canoe, from precut plywood to timber, epoxy, fiberglass for you to build your own Storer Boat Plans Eureka Canoe Kit.

The Eureka canoe is a plywood two person canoe that is lightweight (34 to 47 lbs).

It paddles like a classic wooden canoe. And there is no doubt that it is beautiful.

Ordering information at the bottom of the page.

The Precut Plywood for Building the Eureka is direct from the plan

All Components to make the Eureka in the Photo above and the drawing below are precut. The minimum we supply are all the precut plywood components. But we can supply from the plywood panels to everything that you need to build a canoe of your own.

Kit for the Eureka Canoe by Mik Storer is available from JO Woodworks. Shipping to the 48 lower states and beyond.

All plywood side and bottom panels are cut to exact size so you just glue the joints together to form the length, stitch it all together, and start your epoxy work. 

We precut the scarf joins and provide a simple jig for getting the joins straight when they are glued to length.

All timbers in the kit are shipped slightly long so that you can trim to exact size on your boat.  The deck and bulkhead plywood are also a small bit oversize to be trimmed to exact size and, in the case of the deck to the style you prefer. 

There is a simple jig for aligning the precut scarf joins in the long timbers.

This is a nice boat to build that you can be proud of.  Our kit comes with cypress timbers and marine okuome plywood.  Mahogany spacer blocks like the ones shown here can be included in lieu of cypress if you prefer at no additional cost.

The idea for a Eureka Canoe Kit came at the Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show

While in Mystic, Ct. at the Wooden Boat Family Boat Building School this year Michael Storer and I got to discussing new kits for me to develop and we decided that his Eureka Canoe design would make a nice kit so here it is.  More information about the Eureka Canoe is here.

This nice little canoe is 16′ long and easily handles 2 adults with gear. 

Single or Double Paddle Setup

The seats can also be set up for a single paddler if you prefer.  It is very stable by canoe standards and easy for a first time builder to build from our kit. 

Video of building the Eureka Canoe

With our kit you can just start assembly!

This one in Hungary, The Eureka Canoe has been built in too many countries to list.

Ordering and Shipping the Precut Kit for the Eureka Canoe

Shipping time typically will be two to three weeks.  We can also provide epoxy and fiberglass kits to your requirements if so desired.

Contact me if you have plans already.

Fibreglass and Epoxy kit for Eureka Canoe is available.

Outside the Lower 48 please call us to discuss shipping options

If you have plans for the Eureka Canoe already we can adjust the price to compensate.

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