Egret BrochureA few years ago when Chuck Leinweber, Michael Storer, and myself were in Mystic, Ct., building the Quick Canoe Electric at the Wooden Boat Show I was introduced to Ross Miller.  Ross has designed several skin on frame boats and does very nice work and creates plans that even the most inexperienced builder can understand and succeed with.  We discussed his Greenland style kayak and decided to move forward on developing a kit for it

So fast forward.

3We now have a beautiful Skin On Frame Kayak available for you.  The “EGRET” is a nice 17′ Greenland style kayak.  The one I made for myself  weighs in at around 32 pounds.  It is very easy for me to carry with one hand down to the water.

This is a very easy boat to build.  You will need to build you a strong back, which is very easy to do with one sheet of plywood, and from there it is incredibly easy and won’t take you very long at all.5

Our basic kit includes all the bulkheads, stem, and stern which are all made from marine meranti plywood.  If you prefer okoume that is available for additional cost but to be honest, I don’t think that will save much weight considering the small amount of plywood actually used.  Also included is enough fabric to skin the whole boat, floor boards, and all permanent screws needed for construction of the kit.  Epoxy and contact cement for the skin is not included in the kit.  You should be able to get those locally.  The complete building manual and plans are included.  If you already have plans I can reduce the price of the kit to not include them.  I also have some kit specific instructions that will be included.

There is also an optional add on for the kit which includes the carlin and coaming ready to put finish on and install in the boat.  These are the two hardest pieces to build for the boat.  The add on price for these two items is $195.  Please contact me if you would like to add these to your kit.  The only pieces not included in the kit as listed are the stringers and rub rails due to shipping issues.  I can make these for you for an additional cost but they will have to be in 3 pieces each with scarf joints to join them together.  I do cut the scarfs for you.  Please contact me if you need these items.


The basic kit is $395 plus shipping.

Remember to contact me and I can add the carlin and coaming to your order if so desired.