The PD Racer is the easiest boat in the world to build with club members around the world.  We have named our Puddle Duck The Texas Duck

and like all PDR’s is the simplest boat there is to build.  Michael Storer and I worked together to provide a kit version of the OzRacer RV  that would fit the current PDRacer rules. The RV is slightly easier to build, but our prefabricated mast step assembly eliminates this bit of extra complexity – so the boats are effectively equivalent in building difficulty.  In other words as simple as you can get – ideal as a first time  building project. What will make this one even easier is that all the pieces are already cut out and all you do is glue or screw them together and go sailing.  This boat will be absolutely class legal so you will have no problem getting a PDR registration number.  J O Woodworks is an authorized kit builder for the PDR.  Currently we  have one primary sail option which is the sprit sail but a lug sail design can be easily done and we will have that sail available.  We even have the Texas Flag  sail option available.  This kit is now ready.  Please feel free to contact me for purchase info and options.  This will make it a great winter project ready to set sail in the spring.                             THE PROTOTYPE IS HULL NUMBER  507     HERE IS A PICTURE OF ME SAILING IT RECENTLY.  AND FOR ALL YOU NON TEXANS OUT THERE DON’T WORRY, THERE WILL BE A SAIL OPTION IN A SOLID COLOR INSTEAD OF THE TEXAS FLAG.